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Apparently I can draw now! =D Expect a LOT of stuff for Avatar: Legend of Korra for now, notably the couple, "Borra". Which is the characters Bolin & Korra as a romantic pairing. LOVING THEM. <3



Mainly Bolin & Korra from Avatar: Legend of Korra, then Teen Titans' Beast Boy & Terra. ^_^


Zoke Week - Costumes - Day 1 by NekoGirl01
Zoke Week - Costumes - Day 1
This fanart is for Day 1 of Zoke week. Yeah, I'm super late. Pfft, what else is new?

I'm just happy I *can* submit something this year.

So..... what is this about?

Okay, so, my friend :iconirklikeswaffletoo: & I were talking about which shows Mike & Zoey would watch, both separately & together, & knowing my predictable self, I had to figure out which couples the pair would ship themselves...

This led to Teen Titans, & ultimately, the Beast Boy & Terra saga.

The idea is that Zoey doesn't watch that many of them, if any. I know she seems to like action movies, such as during one of their first conversations in either episode one or two. I can't remember.

Mike however, being the total dork he is, is completely in love with superhereo shows, like a lot of boys tend to be.

So, while he couldn't always watch them due to issues in his past (I don't have any personal headcanons, but Irk has tons of them & I just envision them so easily that they end up becoming shared headcanons.), I could very easily see Mike getting obsessed over them at times, & naturally I can't help but picture him as a major fan(atic) of Beast Boy.

The Terra arc was probably one of his first tragedy stories he watched, & sympathized with her on a ridiculous scale.

Beast Boy's head over heels in love story line...... even though Zoke had not yet happened for Mike yet, the desire for some type of love is there. It does turn out to be true love that he's after, but Mike's still a kid when he first watched season 2, so he didn't realize that yet.

Point is, he can be real obsessive about the pair in general.

Zoey..... I can't pin her on being a Teen Titans fan, & yet I can easily picture it because of the action movies.

As for the pair....... I just don't know. However, if she never saw the show before she met Mike, & he shows it to her.... (btw, I can see him trying to refrain from spazzing over them with her as she watches it for the first time, but his constant adoration of them during the episodes (cringing when Slade pops up in Betrayal, being all goofy & giggly during the first couple conversations in Terra's first episode, & basically STILL having bad triggers over Aftershock, & being a complete mess by the time they finish season 2)

........... Zoey takes the hint, to say the least. =P

Needless to say, conventions eventually happen for Zoke, if nothing else, because of Samkota. Sam & Dakota are regulars & they drag Zoke along.

........ Okay, it takes VERY little prodding for Mike & Zoey to go. This is not Mike's first convention, & he's gone as Beast Boy once, only once. He just either couldn't go again, didn't have the money, or outgrew the BB costume.

Zoey finds it in his closet as they get ideas for their couples' cosplay.

......... Two weeks later, she greets Mike somewhere dressed exactly as Terra, (she noted how much he was bothered by Terra's betrayal, & chose the first appearance outfit instead) with no warning & holding what seems to be a very familar costume.

Completely surprised, Mike figures out that Zoey re-created his Beast Boy costume, & even picked up some face paint & hair dye for him. Zoey's an expert at all these things, so Mike happily lets her help him get ready.

They run into a few problems (such as the more....... hateful BBxRaven shippers & Terra haters, but Sam is also a big Terra fan, & ultimately, very long debates lash out. Zoke are worse for the wear by the time they get back to the hotel, but everything was SO worth it.
Guess what I just got.....? by NekoGirl01
Guess what I just got.....?

Yuppers, I'm now a proud owner of The Sims 4!!!!!

& I think you can tell who I'm going to play... *ah-hem, coughs*

Beast Boy is NOT mine! a Sim player by the username of "Beardie" on the Gallery made him. My username there is simply "NekoGirl52". If you can't find BB there, you'll find him under my Favorites. Terra is created by me, & you will find her in my uploaded households!

Yeah.... she probably looks nothing like cartoon Terra in her facial appearance....

My thoughts on a canon approach to this OTP of mine here, is that Beast Boy may one day get continually fed up with Raven's treatment of him. He already has so far in "The Beast Within"... yes, the chemicals were affecting his actions, but nontheless...

So one of my Next-Gens involves BB finally having enough of Raven's attitude, & despite the obvious friendship, he leaves the Titans.

The next destination for our boy in green? Obviously he finds Terra, or at least the girl he thinks is her. She does turn out to be Terra, who remembers only the bad stuff, like her betrayal of them, & that she really hurt BB.

So she tries to avoid him for awhile, but eventually feels sorry for him being homeless. In due time, they become roommates, & slowly, Terra remembers everything, including the romance they once shared.

Despite the fact it started out as a complete & total lie meant deceive the Titans, Terra still developed feelings for Beast Boy in return, notably by the point of "Aftershock: Part 2".

She didn't want to hurt Beast Boy anymore, that's why she strayed from him. Eventually, after living together as roommates & friends, saving up from oddball job after the next oddball job, they finally have enough to buy a home of their own. Well, Terra's, anyway. She agreed to give a second chance to their potential love. Working like dogs to save up all that time left little time for their friendship, let alone much else.

They decided to move to Willow Creek (based off of New Orleans!). Beast Boy in particular adores the town for the many references that Disney's "Princess & The Frog" utilizes off the town, not to mention the fact that while Jazz is not his preferred music, he can really get into it if he's in the dancing mood.

Terra is just happy to be away from Slade, the Titans, & in a place where, hopefully!, no one will recognize her, giving her the chance she needs to completely start over with a new life....

Terra, Beast Boy (c) DC Comics

Lok Shipping by NekoGirl01
Lok Shipping

I just adore Avatar: Legend of Korra nowadays! Before I get too immersed in this fandom again though, I'd best update my shipping list for them!


:bulletpurple:  Borra:  MY OTP FOREVER. Well, for LoK, at least. They are really close to BBxT overall though. Bolin is so sweet & loving, in "Spirit of Competition", he flat out states he likes her for who she is, not just because of her Avatar status. I hate that she basically stomps on his heart by still going after Mako, (why couldn't she have just had developed a return crush on Bolin during their date? I mean c'mon!) but overall I mainly like them in AUs where none of these Quad-traingles even exist. Just straight-up Borra & Masami, nothing upsetting.
:bulletred:   Makorra:  EW NO NO NO NEVER. Mako is a bad idea!
:bulletpurple:  Pemzin:  I really love their tender moments, & Pema's backstory is a cute thing, staying near her soulmate for the longest time, too terrified to act on her feelings. I liked that she seemed to try to wait until Tenlin started fizzling out on their own, unlike Korra....
:bulletred:   Korroh:  Nope. I like what I've seen of Iroh II so far, but NOPE I'M FOREVER BORRA.
:bulletred:   Tenlin:  NO. I love Lin, I love Tenzin. But I could never see their personal goals & personalities working together long enough to last in marriage. Let alone the obvious fact that Lin hates the thought of having children, let alone lots of them like Tenzin not only wants, but clearly needed to have in order to continue the Air Nation at the time.
:bulletblue:  Masami: AW! Mako is sadly a BAD IDEA. I personally adore Masami before all the bad stuff happened. They were really cute! But at the same time, I have this horribly sinking feeling that a reason of Mako's was her money. Not the only thing (his goo-goo eyes happened before he found out her last name =P), but one of them. The fact that they grew from that though, is what I love. How, if not for Makkorra, this ship would have been beyond sweet.... *tear* :(
:bulletred:  Tahnorra:  NO. I disliked Tahno from the minute I set eyes on him. NO.
:bulletblue: Bosami:  Aw! If not for my Borra OTP love I would be ALL OVER THIS. Too bad it's not my thing in comparison.
:bulletred:  Irosami:  More neutral to this than anything. Meh.
:bulletpurple:  Kainora: OHHH YUS. I love them to bits & pieces! They are basically Kataang 2.0 for me! <'3
:bulletblue: Bopal: Aw! I love them & Opal is ADORABLE to be the one crushing on him first. But something about their reunion in the finale seemed... off. I can't really get into them, & I feel like Bolin's standard reign of bad luck will shine through before too long in Book 4. *tear*

:bulletred:   Amon: Amon does not need to be shipped with anyone! Why?! =O

First Bolin Sketch by NekoGirl01
First Bolin Sketch
This is my first sketch drawing of Bolin, close-up. I'm trying to work on different Legend of Korra characters, starting with my absolute favorites. =D

This boy definitely being my #1 in the show.

I tried to do a screenshot re-draw for practicing purposes. Most Korra fans know the reference picture, especially my fellow Borra people. ;)

Reference: LoK Season One, Episode 5 "The Spirit of Competition".

Fanart © me: :iconnekogirl01:

Bolin © Bryke, & sadly, © Nickelodeon
Borra hug by NekoGirl01
Borra hug
Yup, even now, I still ship Bolin & Korra, in fact it's my only ship for this Avatar series. I like Masami, yes, but with the show strictly as it is right now....


However, I am in the process of re-writing the first two seasons, (probably the third as well, I just have to finish watching it as it comes out) to better fit my personal viewpoint of couples.

FIRST EVER drawing of either character. Please be nice, & I know I need to work on Bolin's face some more. Based off a screenshot in season 3, episode 2: Rebirth.

art (c) :iconnekogirl01:

Korra, Bolin (c) Bryke, Nickelodeon


United States
Just your simple DevID, base ain't mine! Its found here ->

Current Residence: West Virginia
Favourite genre of music: country (not the hillbilly variety, thank-you!
Favourite style of art: none in particular
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: my favorite couples!
Favourite cartoon character: too many to list

I don't think I've officially declared myself a Total Drama fan. Well, I've technically been interested since June of 2013 (putting the year since I barely touch this DA journal), thanks entirely to :iconirksplee: & no one/nothing else.


How do I watch it then, without supporting the channel that hosts the show?

Youtube is a very wonderful thing. Seriously. Found half of my childhood on there already. :D

How do I actually feel about the show?

The show itself as a whole is horribly awful. Okay... this needs to be clarified: CHRIS MCCLAIN is horribly awful, & needs to be put in jail for LIFE......


Now, I realize this show is probably based on reality sitcoms like Survivor. I get that. It's supposed to be challenging & not something you'd see in everyday life.

But there does need to be a certain point that is NEVER crossed. Chris, this show host, has crossed that line so many times that I can't come up with a number.

So why on EARTH do I watch it?

The question should be..... "if you're also a fan, why do YOU watch it?"

So, as you might've guessed, it's the teens themselves, & those of you that have known me for awhile, well... you know my little *COUGH*trainwreck*COUGH* with Cartoon Couples.

Now before I continue, it should be stated how much of the show I've watched up to this point:

Season 4: Revenge of the Island

Season 5: All Stars

SO, with that in mind, the favorites seem to be, with NO particular order except for the first one:


Semi-Favorites that are, occasionally, annoying:


Couples are as follows:

Scourtney: Scott & Courtney
Zoke: Mike & Zoey
Samkota: Sam & Dakota

Notice how most of them are from the Revenge cast. This is because they are how I was introduced to the show, & :iconirksplee: 's influence with Mike & Zoey only helped, & naturally with many of my pairings, the friendships Zoey & Mike made along the way, ALONG with their enemies/rivals, have pretty much defined how I see the other characters.

"If that's the case, why Scott?" Good question! I barely know myself! heh. ^^;

Well, the best way I can put it, is... ya'know how we get these smart-alec characters (well, like him!), that, at some point or another, gain, or more importantly, EARN the sympathy factor down the road?

Scott is one of these characters. At first, I hated him like quite a few people, because of his antongist ways in the fourth season. However, as I got closer to the finale, well, all at once, we got a sympathy factor, which hid itself in the form of Karma. Those of you that know the 4th season know what I mean. Well, at first I was in the obvious reaction of "hah! Pwned! :D " much like with Chris in season 5's opening scene. BUT, I also knew that, especially with Scott's elimination scene, this was definitely crossing the line on Chris's part. & this particular scene was too harsh, even with everything in season 4 when you look at what we put up with when it came to Scott. Then of course the finale episode, well.... Look it up, you'll see the sympathetic act ramped up bigtime. Most eps are on youtube, like I said, including both of these that I mentioned.

All Stars kicked it up a notch to a whole new level with the sympathy factor, especially given that he's now a shell amount of the character we knew in season 4. No scheming, or just BARELY, at least, in comparison.... among other things.

It certainly doesn't help that Scott is, for lack of a better word, a country redneck.




Seriously, the closest I've EVER come is Felix himself, & he ONLY fits the sweeter(est), mushy, happy-go-lucky songs that I tend to like better ANYWAYS.


Scott can fit almost ANYTHING in the playlists! You have NO idea how bad I want to AMV right now. Just one problem: we NEVER get homelife flashbacks of these guys! So AMVing the stuff I actually want to with him & Courtney, well.... it wouldn't have the BEST effect. :XD:


Then Courtney comes into the factor. & for those actually wanting to watch, OR catch up, without spoilers, I won't say a whole lot here.

But I've already spoiled the obvious in just saying that alone. Well, to be blunt, they definitely make it as my #1 couple for the show. I can't say much else for sake of spoilers. But if you want my opinion on scenes, etc... you know how to message me. =D

& I'm sure you can gather from my recent favoriting splurge, that I'm already obsessed to the point that I was/still kinda am, with Felix & Calhoun.

Yes, Next-Gen(s) for the show are in the works already in my mind, (just 1, however. I put that there because, knowing me, this number will likely be changed by some point :XD: ) but as I'm still working out things here n there, AND because, also as ususal, this particular version is meshed together with some of my other ideals, I'll want to elaborate, & frankly this'll just get out of hand, & really, I should be doing homework right now. =_= Going to after posting this.

Just needed to get this out of my system. =P

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